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Cross Docking
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Cross Docking Services from Ferber Cross Docking

Welcome to Ferber Cross-Docking, your Suburban Detroit cross-docking management, Canadian cross docking distribution , fulfillment and warehouse storage service company . We rely on our powerful, flexible ConveyorWare® Business Distribution Software to manage the cross-docking operation by scanning the arrival and departure of the items in transit. In addition to our cross-docking services, Ferber Cross-Docking provides fulfillment and distribution services including, the processing and shipment of goods for all major industries, including e-commerce fulfillment. Companies using Ferber Cross-Docking services eliminate costly storage and warehousing expenses. Ferber's proprietary warehousing, distribution, and inventory tracking software has been a major cost containment contributor to our industrial, manufacturing and e-commerce clients.

What is Cross-Docking?

Cross-docking is the practice in logistics of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck or shipping container and loading these materials in outbound trailers or shipping containers, with little or no storage cost. This may be done to change type of conveyance, to sort material intended for different destinations, or to combine material from different origins.

In purest form this is done directly, with minimal or no warehousing. Our facilities are uniquely tailored to cross-docking operations since they require large staging areas where inbound materials are sorted, consolidated, and stored until the outbound shipment is complete and ready to ship.

Our cross-docking and distribution services are accurate, efficient and scalable. Businesses of all sizes benefit from the reliability of our warehousing and distribution software.

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